4.1 Concepts Selections

 I realised that concept H One Place is a concept that is based on a business model idea. Therefore it is not easily to prototype using wireframes. An appropriate way of prototyping would  be e.g. with a business model canvas. In addition this concept has as users individual professionals in mind and not parents. This has to be reflected when doing user testing for this concept. I will for now exclude this concept from prototyping as it is different from all other concepts that can be prototyped with wireframes and tested with parents. I might decide in a later stage to re-use this concept if appropriate. 

4.2 Prototypes

Concepts A: Ring Registration


 The prototype shows the homepage of the online serivce. The service is available for registered and non registered users. The serivice offers more information to those users that are registered and tries to motivate at different stages of usage to make users register. Registration can take place in 3 different stages: a) email and post code b) personal data with privacy c) make profile available to other members. 


Concept E: Local Ad++

Default-3-Super-Add-Homepage-8241903   Default-5-Super-Add-Page-8241905 Default-6-Super-Add-Peerreview-8241906The 3 pages are showing the steps from the page where the ad is displayed, to the add detail page and finally to the peer review page. Based on concept A there is more information available for registered users. 

Concept D Match Making


The concepts consists of a registration page and page where the user can find matches, create connections and see their own contributions.

Concept J Self Help













This page is only accessible for registered users. They can have an overview on existing self – help groups and apply to be member themselves. 

They can become a moderator of a groups once they have over 50 connections, own content contributions and they apply to have a new self- help page opened. 



There were a lot of lessons learned  – first it took me quite sometime to select a wireframe creation tool. I choose finally UXpin.com – not sure if it was the right choice but I tried.

Furthermore I realized that I should have made consistent with regards to how detailed I present the prototypes. Lessons learned for the future.